Inside the LBFE Food Pantry

March 03, 2014

Getting out to the grocery store or coping with rising food costs can be difficult for our elders. Each month, nearly 100 elders receive nutritious food bags from Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly. Our Food Pantry Program helps our elder remain independent and secure, providing a week's worth of groceries towards the end of the month when things might be getting tight.

The operation is overseen by Crystal, our Food Pantry Program Coordinator. She keeps track of the pantry inventory, which bags go to which elders, who's on a low-salt diet, and more. It's a big operation, and she's supported by dedicated volunteers.

Each elder receives a bag of pantry items like peanut butter, crackers, oatmeal, pasta and canned goods. Coffee is a popular treat--often too expensive for elders to buy themselves, but very much enjoyed. Elders often enjoy small packaged snacks--more managable for one person than a large box or bag.

Elders also receive a bag of fresh and frozen foods, including frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, butter, bread and eggs. These fresh foods are often more expensive, but add a lot of nutrition to elders' diets.

The Food Pantry Program provides healthy, delicious food to our elders, but it also provides friendship. Caring volunteers deliver the bags to elders at home, staying to help put away the food and visit.

It only takes $25 to provide a week's worth of groceries to an elder in need.

Support the Food Pantry Program today.


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Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is a national network of non-profit volunteer-based organizations committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. We offer to people of goodwill the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and celebration of life.

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