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New Elder Vacation Property: Welcoming Elders, Enriching Programs

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New Elder Vacation Property: Audrey's House

Sharing a meal. Enjoying a summer’s evening on the porch with friends. Gathering for conversation. Putting the last piece in a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Heading off for a drive or out to nearby shopping. Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is excited to be able to offer our elders a place to build friendships, get out of the city, and celebrate life: Audrey's House, our new elder vacation home.

Located in Batavia, Illinois, Audrey's House is a year-round destination for a full range of activities to benefit our elders, as well as the nearby community, only 40 miles from Chicago.  It's convenient to the expressway, with easy access to attractions, shopping and nature.

Audrey's House is a spacious residence in a quiet rural setting. It can accomodate 16 elders and volunteers overnight. Improvements and repairs are underway, and twelve groups of elders enjoyed a vacation to preview the house in 2014. We will continue to perfect the property to be an ideal vacation home for our elders.

You can help. Audrey's House is a property full of potential, but there is still much to be done to transform it into an accessible, comfortable, beautiful retreat for our elders. Make a pledge or a gift today to provide wonderful vacation memories for lonely elders.

Whether an elder enjoys a four day summer trip, a weekend to enjoy the fall colors, or a day trip out to see Christmas lights, thanks to Audrey's House, the volunteers and staff of Little Brothers will be there for them. Audrey's House will be a place of respite and relaxation, of fun and friendship, but most of all it will be a reminder to our elders that a community of volunteers, donors, and staff remember them, and are dedicated to helping them enjoy life.

Why "Audrey's" House?
Audrey Chesner:  The Sunshine Girl

“One of the things I’ve discovered since Little Brothers came into my life is that you can’t have too many friends. Without your help, I would not have met Zelda or Henricka or Geneva or Carol or Caroline… Without your help, I wouldn’t have gone swimming for the first time in 40 years or ever seen the Mississippi River. I am grateful for Little Brothers. It’s made all the difference in the world.”

Audrey Chesner wrote these words in 1999 to describe how Little Brothers changed her life from growing old alone to enjoying her later years filled with good friends as well as companionship and support for her well-being.

Born in 1923, Audrey was a lifelong Chicagoan.  She never married and had no family as she went into retirement. Afflicted with severe arthritis throughout much of her life, she could have been entirely alone and isolated without the connections to so many of us at Little Brothers.

Over the years, Audrey came to all of our holiday parties and became a founding member of the Elder Advisory Committee. But her favorite activity was going to our vacation home in Rochelle, Illinois, to get a break from the city and to be with other elders and volunteers to enjoy companionship.

Audrey enjoyed the house in Rochelle immensely. She’d walk in the door and get started right away on a jigsaw puzzle. She loved going shopping and sitting on that extremely special screened-in porch.

Audrey, who passed away in 2011, so enjoyed life and loved to sing. One of her favorite songs was “You Are My Sunshine,” which we all sang at her memorial. She was a sunshine girl, and she would have been so thrilled about Audrey’s House.

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